Electric Corner rounder MOD CR68

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Max Stack thickness : 650mm
Cutter Radius :

7 options in R2-R10

Cutter exchange : By turning knob
Weight : 25Kg
Mechanical cycle : 1.3 sec 


1.Two buttons operation like paper cutter or optional foot pedal with cover.

2.Waste collection tray with interlock switch.

3.Inch/mm mode for blade change and side guide adjustment.

4.The top cover with interlock switch for the cutting pad exchanging.

5.The  blade selection trigger with interlock switch,so the blade will always in the correct position,

   no worry for wrong place and damage the machine and blade anymore.

6.Revert button for blade jam release.

7.Main switch with key (CE).

8.Transparent window for the blade area.

9.Magnet L shape guide for small cards.

10.Machine overload protection and fault indicator and safety labels.


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